Walden’s Revisited was inspired by the love of nature described in Thoreau’s Walden Pond. Over 20 years ago, Walden’s Revisited was begun by putting in three ponds and dozens of sapling trees, so they would mature and fit in with the wooded creek area to their North; which will remain Forever Green for all residents of Walden’s Revisited to enjoy. The pavilion, fireplace and grill, outdoor fire pit, walking paths, serenity benches around the pond and in the Forever Green area by the creek are to create an environment where neighbors meet and enjoy each other’s company, share meals and stories around the fireplace and become more than just neighbors, they become friends.

If you just want a quiet walk around the pond or through the woods by the creek, there are paths for such a stroll. Those who enjoy a peaceful opportunity to sit in the woods and observe a beautiful creek, or sit by the pond and watch the geese fly, or watch the loons dive in for fish; there are Serenity Benches upon which to sit and read a book or just quietly enjoy the beauty of nature.

Children will learn firsthand the beauty of nature, what it feels like to walk through the woods, to catch their first fish or watch the sunset over the pond. The amenities will create a healthy environment for young and old alike. In the wintertime, there is ice skating for all ages. The cement waterfall pond can be lowered in the winter, so little ones can safely learn to ice skate in a protected pond. For the hockey enthusiast, there are two larger ponds for the more active and experienced skaters. For those equestrians who owned a loved horse, there are six stalls available and an open paddock area for exercise, grazing and riding.

These are the amenities that are available to anyone who becomes a resident of Walden’s Revisited.

The lovely Alum Creek is located just a few miles away, and has over 40 miles of riding and hiking trails. The City of Delaware is only 6 miles away, and has the new state of the art Community Center/YMCA, which includes daycare, indoor pool facilities, workout areas, 4H camps, basketball courts and much more.

We hope that you will take a drive up to Walden’s Revisited, walk around and get a true feel for what life could be like with the beauty of nature surrounding you, and also the opportunity to enjoy life with a close community of friends.